About Me And My Blog


Nothing in my life seems to fit right.

  • I grew up underrated by my parents.
  • I went to a reputable university in the country, yet the applications I sent to get myself a good job were barely ever responded.
  • I ended up teaching in English centers that made me one big fish in a small pond, making myself small money.
  • After a series of broken hearts, worth 10 years of my adult life, I got married to a blue collar worker who asks dumb questions, such as ‘Is Martin a person’s name?’
  • I settled for Mr. Good Enough in the expectation of raising a family but found that getting pregnant is not an easy task for me.
  • At the age of 40 I have to start all over again, as a housewife.

I spent all my life wanting one thing but never failed to end up with something else. At the end of the day, always ponder, “How in the world did I get into this?”

  • In their elder years, I became the one my parents trusted and relied on.
  • Failing to get myself a good job, I found my call, teaching.
  • Somewhere between the two English centers who hired me I picked up too-good-to-be-true English skills that make people think I studied overseas.
  • I’m married to a man who adores me like I’m some kind of a Third World version of Aphrodite.
  • I’m a huge influence to my nieces and nephews.
  • The recent development of my life is where blogging came in.

After 11 superb years of teaching English, I decided to quit and stay home. Why? I want to build something from home. Something I can keep on doing til I’m 70. Something I can involve my husband in. Something that can make some good out of my nothing-seems-to-fit-right life. With divine intervention, it might just be my legacy.

You see, having to live from one struggle to another, I have never had to struggle for self-respect or others’. Under the circumstances, it is quite something. I mean I’m not a beauty queen. I’m not married to an alpha male. I don’t have a shining career. I’m not an academic par excellence. I’m not a super mom. I’m just an average woman who stands tall and proud with or without much money.

I write a blog to reach out. You are not going to believe just how many women out there who feel that they are worthless until they are beautiful, marry a man who is somebody, raise super-achiever children or make a success story on their own. These are the lives I want to touch with written words:

‘Do small, domestic, everyday things to get that respectable woman out of you.’


Surabaya, June 2015


3 thoughts on “About Me And My Blog

  1. Wow! It’s a fantastic post. I admire the way you’ve lived your life, eventually changing it into a space that you like to be in. Welcome to blogging. It can be frustrating at times…especially when you write a fab post that you pour your soul into, and you realize that nobody has stopped by to read it, but then you move on. After a while, people begin to visit, and you create a small new world, that completely yours 🙂

      1. Then you must force yourself to smile…it will help you step away from the edge and enjoy the good things in life again 🙂

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